Overview and Target

An exciting and promising innovative project! 


Description and objective of the project: 

Great advances were made by SISCERA partners in the development of the world’s first ceramics showing transformation induced unique features. These specifically designed materials were the main research results of the LongLife FP7 project and will be brought to market via SISCERA. The LONGLIFE material is based on a novel, highly biocompatible ceramic coupled with a specific surface modification, procuring enhanced osseo-integration to implants. Its reliability and mechanical performances have been validated in accordance to the relevant standards. The core objective of SISCERA (Smart Innovations from Safe CERAmics) is to prepare market penetration by the end of 2019 of the first commercial application of this unique ceramic. This new type of material can serve following industries and expected applications:

  • Biomedical applications such as dental implants, orthopaedic implants, bone saws, prostheses
  • Automotive industry applications such as car body welding, fuel cells, etc.
  • Other industrial applications such as positioning devices for handling robots

The partners have carefully analysed the different markets and have determined that the most strategic initial biomedical application is the dental implant. This market is expected to grow annually significantly in the next years. Ceramics are entering the market as implant materials, but their use is still limited by inadequate toughness and osseo integration. The SISCERA consortium has the suitable material and expertise to provide the first dental implant fully meeting patient needs.

The current FTI project will allow partners to obtain clinical and biocompatibility validation of the implant while also penetrating the market with promising applications in other industries.


Expected applications