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EAO 2016 European Prize for Basic Research in Implant Dentistry. Awarded to: Ralf Kohal. ‘Evaluation of a new long lasting zirconia-based composite for oral implant fabrication: an experiment in the rat’. Read more


Brigitte Altmann, Thorsten Steinberg, Kerstin Rabel, Erik Adolfsson, Falk Bernsmann, Laura Montanaro, Tobias Fürderer, Jerome Chevalier, Ralf-Joachim Kohal. Cell functions of human alveolar bone osteoblasts and gingiva fibroblasts ony-and ce-stabilized zirconia with different surface topographies. Poster

Brigitte Altmann, Kerstin Rabel, Susanne Proksch, Thorsten Steinberg, Erik Adolfsson, Falk Bernsmann, Paola Palmero, Tobias Fürderer, Jerome Chevalier, Ralf-Joachim Kohal. Gene expression modulation in primary human osteoblasts and fibroblasts on zirconia-based surfaces. 2015. Poster

E. Johansson*, C. Montanari, O. Lyckfeldt and E. Adolfsson, Swerea IVF AB, Mölndal, Sweden. Customized Additively Manufactured Bio-ceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering. Poster